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ST116 Additional Information

Module Leader - M Parker

Full information about this module can be found from the module catalogue page (see left)

(The course regulations listed in the course handbook take precedence over the availability of modules listed in the module catalogue).

The module structure and commitment for this module in 21/22 is expected to involve;

Lectures: 24h (asynchronous)

Consolidation sessions: 9h (weeks 1-9 of T1, 1 live online session)

Tutorials: weeks 1-9 of T1

Assessment method: 5 assignments (4 best to count towards 20%) + 80% exam

Office hours: 2h/week

Support: TAs to run tutorials in weeks 1,2,3,5,7,9 and mark 3 assignments (one formative), personal tutors to run tutorials in weeks 4,6,8 and mark 3 assignments, TFs to mark 50% of exam.