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Intercalated Year Forms

If you are considering taking an intercalated year there are two forms you must complete.

The first is the Intercalated Placement Approval form. This form provides the department procedure for students on intercalated years and ensures that you are able to submit timely approval for your intercalated year with the relevant members of staff.


The second is the contact details form below. It is important to remain in contact with the department during your time away. This allows us the chance to ensure that your time away is going well and you that are gaining the most from your experiences during your intercalated year.

Contact Details Form (

Please be aware that during your intercalated year that there will be specific monitoring points that you will be expected to meet. This ranges from contacting the intercalated year coordinator with updates, to submitting a termly report on how your placement is going and what you have enjoyed from your placement.

These monitoring points are an important part of your year away and shows that you are still engaging with the university whilst not physically at Warwick. Not meeting enough of these can result in the year not being credited.