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Section 1: General Information

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

Section 1: General Information

This handbook is a guide prepared by the Department of Statistics for students on all variants of the Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE) degrees. It contains essential information about the regulations and policies governing the programmes. First year students are provided with a hard copy of the booklet. If you are reading this in hardcopy or PDF, please note that the up to date version is maintained online at

All content in this handbook that is about changes in regulation or arrangements in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is clearly prefixed with Covid-19 Advice. In the unlikely case of conflicts between that content and other parts of the handbook, then the content prefixed with Covid-19 Advice take precedence.

The information and guidance displayed in these pages is current at the revision date of each page.

In this Section:

1.1 About MORSE

1.2 Courses

1.3 Contacts and Key People

1.4 Facilities