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MathStat, MORSE and Data Science admissions: Offer information

Typical Conditional Offers and Entry Information for 2020

Where one of our conditional offers includes the word 'OR' between expressions in rectangular brackets [...], the conditions in these brackets describe alternative ways to meet that conditional offer.

A level

For applicants taking A level Further Mathematics:
[ A*(M) + A(FM) + A ] OR [ A(M) + A(FM) + A + 2 in any STEP paper or Merit in AEA]

For applicants taking AS Further Mathematics:
[A*(M)+ a (AS FM) + A*A] OR [A(M) + AA + 2 in any STEP paper or Merit in AEA]

(Note that AS levels have been discontinued, but the offer is still relevant for applicants who completed this in previous years and went on (a) gap year(s) before applying to university.)

For applicants taking only single Mathematics:
Students should self-study using for example the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). This programme uses some of the material developed by the discontinued Further Mathematics Support Programme (FSMP, an online tuition system for Further Maths). In exceptional circumstances, such as home or overseas students in schools where Further Mathematics is not taught, students taking only a single Mathematics A level may receive the offer [ A*(M)+A*A* ] OR [ A(M)+AA + 2 in any STEP paper or Merit in the AEA].

Note that some material intended to support students taking the AEA in Mathematics appears at More information about both AEA and STEP can be found in our Admissions FAQ page and on the prizes page.

Applicants who obtained AS level FM via FSMP before it was discontinued would get the offer:

[ A*(M)+ a (AS FM) + A*A ] OR [ A(M) + AA + 2 in any STEP paper or Merit in AEA ]
Such applicants should explain on their UCAS application forms that they are studying Further Mathematics without face-to-face teacher support.

General Studies/Critical Thinking

Offers normally exclude General Studies at A or AS level and Critical Thinking at A level.

A levels in applied subjects and mixed portfolios

Candidates considered on an individual basis. Grades required similar to those for candidates taking academic A and AS qualifications.

Access courses

Access to HE Diploma (QAA-recognised) including appropriate subjects with distinction grades in all level 3 units, and Mathematics grade A* at A level or equivalent.


Applicants offering 2 or more A-Levels and 1 BTEC will be considered, provided essential subject requirements are met. Subjects with a significant overlap will only be counted once. For all other BTEC profiles (e.g. BTECs with 1 A-Level) inquire with Admissions.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Due to the changes in the IB Higher Level Mathematics curriculum we currently have two different offers and choose which one to use based on the year of graduation. For example, if you apply for 2021 start with a Diploma from Summer 2020 (including with November 2020 exam replacing the cancelled exams due to Covid) the first of the offers below will be used.
IB Diploma from 2020 or earlier
[38 points including 7 in Higher Level Mathematics] OR [38 points including 6 in Higher Level Mathematics and grade 2 in any STEP]
IB Diploma from 2021 or later
[37 overall to include 7 in HL Mathematics Analysis & Approaches] OR [36 overall to include 6 in HL Mathematics Analysis & Approaches + grade 2 in any STEP] OR [36 overall to include 7 in HL Mathematics Applications & Interpretations + grade 2 in any STEP]
Scottish Qualifications
Advanced Higher AA (including Mathematics)
Cambridge Pre-U (Principle Subjects)
For applicants taking Further Maths as Principle Subject:
[D2 (M) + D3 (FM) + D3] OR [D3 (M) + D3 + D3 + 2 in STEP/Merit in AEA]
For applicants taking Further Maths as Short Course:
[D2 (M) + D2 + D3 + D3 (FM Short Course)] OR [D3 (M) + D3 + D3 +2 in STEP/Merit in AEA]
For applicants not taking Further Maths: 
[D2 (M) + D2 + D2] OR [D3 (M) + D3 + D3 + 2 in STEP/Merit in AEA]
Welsh Baccalaureate
Please see the "Further Information" section of the Undergraduate Prospectus.
Warwick IFP

Mathematics & Economics Stream

D (Business Maths and Statistics (core)) + D (Maths and Stats (elective)) + D + HC

Science & Engineering Stream 

D (Maths for Science (core)) + D (Physics (elective)) + D + HC

Busines Studies and Economics Stream

D (Business Maths and Statistics (core)) + D + D + HC + 2 in STEP/Merit in AEA

English Language Requirements

Every applicant needs to demonstrate a satisfactory level of achievement in both written and spoken English language skills. This can be through a satisfactory results in GCSE English Language or other qualifications. Please visit the English Language Requirements page for more information.

European and other Overseas Qualifications
We have offers for many countries in Europe and elsewhere around the world. In the first instance, please consider the information by the International Office on overseas qualifications and approximate UK equivalent scores. However, the information there is not degree specific and departments may have additional or higher expectations with respect to subject matter grades. For more information contact us.

Essential Subjects

Applicants who do not obtain an A level Mathematics grade A* (or a 2 in STEP, or a Merit in Mathematics AEA) are unlikely to be accepted. An exception is the (very rare) case of applicants obtaining A in Mathematics and A* in Further Mathematics.

Further Information

Gap Year
Applications for deferred entry welcomed.
We no longer interview candidates before making an offer (except for unusual cases). Instead we hold offer-holder visit days in March, so that our offer-holders can be as well informed as possible before making their choices.
++44 (0)24 7652 3066

+44 (0) 24 7652 3723
Other inquiries
If you have any other questions, please go back to our undergraduate course website or contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team.