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Data Science

6.2 Mentors

All first year students in Statistics are provided with contact details for a mentor who is a student in Statistics from an older year.

The role of a student mentor in Statistics is to:

  • Be an approachable point of contact for first year students
  • Assist first year students to meet their peers, facilitate discussion and help to develop a feeling of community
  • Pass on informal tips and discuss experiences relating to student life
  • Direct mentees to most appropriate sources of support and advice.

It is important that students feel comfortable asking questions of their mentor so the Department provides a budget for lunch (or other activity) to facilitate students getting to know their mentors. Students can ask their mentor questions about their course, modules and wider university issues such as nights out, accommodation, societies and sports.

A Statistics peer mentor does not provide academic support, pastoral support or advice on how to deal with specific situations. They will signpost students to sources of support and advice if they do not feel capable of assisting with a problem. Usually a mentor will provide information to a student for them to act on and will not discuss or disclose issues with staff however it is not possible for a mentor to guarantee confidentiality. Mentors are student peers who are not expected to know how to deal with complicated situations and they may need to disclose information to staff if they feel that someone is at risk.

The mentor system in no way replaces the Personal Tutor system. Students must meet with their personal tutors at least twice a term and keep their personal tutors informed of any academic or personal problems.