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Course Transfers

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

3.5 Course Transfers

You will need to complete a course transfer form for all course transfers and submit to the support office, either by email to or on paper. (MMORSE students are permitted to make their initial stream selection via eVision without a course transfer form).

Standard course transfer form: course transfer form

Intercalated year course transfer form: see intercalated year handbook

Course transfer requests received after the end of week 1, term 2 will not be processed until after the examination boards for that academic year.

Transfers: Important Information for International Students

Overseas students should check visa implications with Warwick Immigration Services before requesting any course transfer. Depending on the nature of the degree change, different processes need to be followed and deadlines apply. In some cases (such as changing from a four-year course to a three-year course) it may be necessary to return to the home country and apply for a new visa from there.

For more details and updates see:

Contact Immigration Service for remaining open questions:

Transfer to Intercalated Year Variants

Statistics students may apply to take a degree course entitled which includes “with Intercalated Year” in the title, which entails four years of study rather than the usual three for a BSc, or five years of study instead of the usual four for an integrated Masters. Registration for these degrees should take place as early as possible in the previous year. For BSc students the intercalated year takes place at the end of the second year. For integrated Master’s students the intercalated year can also take place at the end of the third year instead. On their return, students join the final year of study.

The intercalated year entails either working in industry, or studying at a university abroad and must be approved by your Personal Tutor, the Intercalated Year Coordinator and the Course Director.

Please see the intercalated year handbook for more details.

Transfer from BSc to Integrated Masters

Transfers from BSc to Integrated Masters variants of the same degree can be requested at any time until the end of week 10 of term 1 of the third year.

Transfers to the Integrated Masters during year 3 are subject to having met the Integrated Masters progression requirements from year 2 and having taken, or being able to take, module choices that meet course regulations for the new variant. Where Student Finance or Local Authority funding for the fourth year is a consideration, it is advisable to make this decision earlier rather than later. For advice on fee implications please consult with Student Finance:

Transfer from Integrated Masters to BSc

Transfer in the third year

Students who request a transfer to the BSc degree up until the end of week 10 of term 1 in year 3 will have the course transfer processed and will need to choose modules and / or amend module registration to satisfy the course regulations for year 3 of the BSc degree.

After week 10 of term 1, students in year 3 may still request to graduate with a BSc however such students are expected to continue to follow module registrations that comply with the course regulations of year 3 of the integrated Masters degree. These course regulations are deemed to satisfy the requirements for the award of a BSc.

Students registered on an Integrated Masters who know that they wish to graduate with a BSc should submit a course transfer request by the end of week 7 of term 3. Students who requesting a course transfer to the BSc after week 7 of term 3 may not graduate in the same academic year. If you are considering graduating with a BSc but have not made a final decision you may request that the examining board consider your BSc classification by contacting the support office.

Where there are modules on the integrated Masters only (including 3rd year modules) which are associated with actuarial exemptions, students who elected to leave without completing the 4th year of the programme would not be eligible for these exemptions. This means that a student who takes a module in their third year that is listed on its webpage as “only available to those on four year degrees”, who then graduates with a degree which is NOT an integrated Master’s degree, will no longer gain the actuarial exemptions the module would have otherwise granted them. This is true even if the student is allowed to remain registered on the module in question.

Transfer after the end of the third year

Transfers from the Integrated Master to the BSc can be requested until the end of week 10 of term 1 of the fourth year. Requests to graduate early received after this date would only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Further information on permanent withdrawals and the relevant form are available at

Students who have started their fourth year should consult with Student Finance regarding the financial implications before electing to graduate with a BSc. Furthermore, overseas students are asked to consult beforehand with Immigration Services. Students who have already started their fourth year and transfer to a BSc will graduate with the same cohort at the end of the academic year.

Note that decisions taken to graduate with a BSc after module registrations have been made in the 4th year may result in the student HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) transcript including the modules which were due to be taken in the 4th year with a mark of zero.

Transfer to a MMORSE stream

Students on the MMORSE degree course will need to transfer to one of the MMORSE streams prior to the start of the third year. The course transfer can be completed online at the student records portal eVision:

Students may change stream at any point provided their module registrations satisfy or can be amended to satisfy the course regulations of the destination stream for both the third and fourth year.

Transfer to a Different Statistics Degree

Transfers to a different Statistics degree are usually possible in any year if you have met the requirements for that course. Students interested in transferring course should contact the course director of the new course in the first instance.

Transfer to a Different Department

Students who wish to transfer into the first year of a degree run by a different department should contact the admissions tutor for that Department in the first instance. It is usually not possible to change course into a different department and continue within the same academic year after week 3 of term 1.

It may possible, with the permission of the relevant department, to transfer directly into a later year of study in a closely related degree schemes such as Mathematics, Mathematics and Economics, and so on. Students wishing to transfer courses into a later year should contact the Course Director or Director of Undergraduate Studies for that programme.