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Examinations and Assessment

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

5. Examinations and Assessment

The Department of Statistics adopts the University Assessment Strategy, as approved by Senate on 29th January 2014.

In addition:

  • The department commits to producing an annual Assessment Handbook describing in detail the assessment procedure for each ST*** coded module. These procedures will include the format of assessment (e.g. the breakdown between examination and coursework) and the timings and due dates of any coursework.
  • Whilst acknowledging that timetabled examinations will form the majority of the assessment on most ST*** coded modules the department commits to using a range of assessment methods including group work and projects across its programmes of study.
  • The department plans to use plagiarism detection software (e.g. TurnitIn) where appropriate, and this will be routine on M-level dissertations.
  • Teaching Committee will retain responsibility for reviewing the balance of assessment methods across the degree programme.

In this section:

5.1 Examinations

5.2 Coursework

5.3 Cheating

5.4 Reasonable adjustment

5.5 Mitigating circumstances

5.6 Remedying Failure

5.7 Examining Boards

5.8 Classification

5.9 Mark Release and Transcripts

5.10 Prizes and Actuarial Exemptions

5.11 Exit Awards

5.12 Appeals