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Year 3 MMORSE Course Regulations

In This Section:
Course Regulations

Year 1 MORSE
Year 2 MORSE
Year 3 BSc MORSE

Handbook Index

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

2.7 Year 3 MMORSE Course Regulations: All Streams

Loading / Requirements

The minimum and normal load in the third year is 120 CATS.

The maximum load is 150 CATS.

Students must take, over their third and fourth years, at least 210 CATS of level 3+ modules including at least 120 CATS of level 4+ modules given by the Departments of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Warwick Business School. At least 90 CATS of level 4+ modules should be taken in the fourth year. (NB: Level 3+ should be interpreted as: xx3xx, xx4xx, xx5xx, xx9xx. Level 4+ should be interpreted as:- xx4xx, xx5xx, xx9xx)

There are additional requirements for each stream which must also be satisfied.

Unusual options do not count towards requirements for CATS from specified lists.

It is not permitted to;

  • take more than 30 CATS of unusual options
  • take more than one of IB133 and ST335. Students will be de-registered from ST335 if IB133 was taken in a previous year.
  • Take more than one of IB320 and IB211. Students will be de-registered from IB320 if IB211 was taken in a previous year.
  • take more than one of ST339, EC333 and IB253
  • take more than one of ST339 and IB254
  • take more than one of EC334 and IB254
  • take more than one of ST342 and MA359
  • take the level 3 and level 4 version of the same module
  • take module combinations from different streams in year 3 and year 4. Stream transfers are permitted at any time but the module choices must satisfy the requirements for a single stream in both years.

Other module restrictions may also apply as specified in module information pages.

Any modules not listed (including foreign languages) are classed as Unusual Options and permission to take these modules must be obtained with a completed Unusual Option form submitted to the support office by the specified deadline. Unusual options do not count, under any circumstances, towards required CATS described in the course regulations for Core Modules, Optional Modules or letter Lists (e.g. List A, List B etc.). Further information about Unusual Options and deadlines can be found in section 3.4 of the handbook.

Notes on Course Regulations
  • Students entering in 2020/2021 and later will not be permitted to take Level 2 modules in their fourth year (Note, Level 2 should be interpreted as xx2xx).
  • Some optional modules are only offered subject to availability. For example, Economics modules do not run if the numbers are insufficient, so check with the Economics Department. Also, WBS normally restricts module preregistrations for IB modules to 120 CATS for third year MORSE students
  • Certain third and final year options have prerequisites which are not in the compulsory component of the second year. It is the responsibility of each student to be in a position to understand the modules chosen.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that the modules they are following are permitted — either because the modules are given explicitly as options by the regulations or because permission has been sought and granted by filling in an unusual option form.
  • You will want to consider possible choices of fourth year options when choosing your third year options. You should bear in mind that the module positions (whether they are in Term 1 or 2) do vary slightly from year to year and the positions will not necessarily be the same next year.
  • You are not allowed to take both the level 3 and level 4 version of the same module, e.g. ST323 Multivariate Statistics in Year 3 and then ST412 Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics in Year 4.
  • The Pathways in the MMathStat degree webpage also provides further examples of module combinations relevant for a career (including a PhD) in Financial Mathematics as well as other specialisations.
  • From 2019/2020 onwards Statistics students should take MA222 Metric Spaces which is equivalent to MA260 Norms, Metrics and Topologies.
  • From 2019/2020 onwards Statistics students should take IB320 Simulation which is offered as 12 and 15 CATS variants. Third year students are required to take the 15 CATS variant.