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ST4 Modules

The grade distributions for 2021-22 were prepared by a member of staff who is no longer with the department. Updates will be made available in due course once a new appointment is made.

  Name Description
Web page Integrated Masters Projects Allocations Integrated Masters Project Allocations 23-24 completion
Web page ST401 Stochastic Methods in Finance
Web page ST402 Risk Theory (Last teaching in 2023/24. This module is replaced by ST348 Risk Theory from 2024/25 onwards.)
Web page ST403 Brownian Motion
Web page ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling
Web page ST405 Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention with Advanced Topics
Web page ST406 Applied Stochastic Processes with Advanced Topics
Web page ST407 Monte Carlo Methods
Web page ST409 Medical Statistic with Advanced Topics
Web page ST410 Designed Experiments with Advanced Topics
Web page ST411 Dynamic Stochastic Control (suspended in 23/24)
Web page ST412 Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics
Web page ST413 Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory with Advanced Topics
Web page ST414 Advanced Topics in Statistics (suspended in 23/24)
Web page ST415 Statistics Masters Dissertation
Web page ST417 Topics in Applied Probability (suspended in 23/24)
Web page ST418 Statistical Genetics with Advanced Topics
Web page ST419 Advanced Topics in Data Science
Web page ST420 Statistical Learning and Big Data
Web page ST421 Data Science Masters Dissertation