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Personal Tutor Meeting Guidance

Finding the name of your personal tutor
Organising a personal tutor meeting

It is YOUR responsibility to organise and attend a personal tutor meeting.

Your personal tutor may contact you to give you information about how to organise a time for your personal tutor meeting.

If you personal tutor does not contact you, you should, in order;

  • Check their academic profile pages to see if there are details of office hours or how to sign up for meetings
  • Email your personal tutor to ask for a meeting
  • Send an email to the Support Office ( to ask if there are any alternative arrangements
Recording a personal tutor meeting

You must record your meeting with your personal tutor on the SAME DAY that the meeting took place.

  • Go to
  • Click on the tab called "Personal Tutor"
  • Click on “Record meeting” to log that the meeting happened and show that you met the monitoring point.
  • Make sure that you select the right type e.g. in person or video conference.
  • You should, but are not required to, complete a brief description of your discussion in the meetingAn image of the Tabula webpage showing how personal tutor information displays and highlighting a button for recording a meeting at the bottom of the page.