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General Equilibrium with Unhedgeable Fundamentals and Heterogeneous Agents; Paolo Guasoni (Dublin City University)

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Location: B2.02 (Chemistry and Science Concourse) and via Teams

Abstract: We solve a general equilibrium model in which aggregate consumption has uninsurable growth shocks, rendering the market dynamically incomplete. Several long-lived agents with heterogeneous risk-aversion and time-preference make consumption and investment decisions, trading risky assets and borrowing from and lending to each other. For small growth fluctuations, we obtain closed-form expressions for stock prices, interest rates, and consumption and trading policies. Agents' stochastic discount factors depend on the history of unhedgeable shocks, agents trade assets dynamically, and the dispersion of agents' preferences impacts both the interest rate and asset prices, hence no representative agent exists.

Unless otherwise specified, in Term 2 and Term 3, the Stochastic Finance seminar takes place on Wednesdays, starting at 11:00 am. In Term 2, the seminar takes place in Room B2.02 (Chemistry and Science Concourse)Link opens in a new window.

While the seminars will run in person, there is also the possibility to join via MS Teams. If you wish to be added to the respective Team, please contact the seminar organiser Miryana GrigorovaLink opens in a new window.

All are welcome.

Tags: SF@W

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