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BioInference 2024

Launched in 2022, BioInference aims to bring together researchers from across statistics and mathematical modelling who work with biological systems, and from all career stages, to foster discussions between the two communities and to prompt collaborations. This year, BioInference 2024 conference will take place at the University of Warwick on 5th-7th June 2024.

The conference will combine a data-driven meeting on day 1 (no registration fee, up to 40 participants) with the main two-day conference on 6th-7th June 2024 (registration fee: £70, up to 70 participants), combining contributed talks and poster sessions. You can register for the main conference here and for the Day 1 meeting here. You must be registered for the main conference to attend the Day 1 meeting.

The following are confirmed as invited speakers for this conference:

Day 1: Data-driven meeting: problems and methodologies

This year, we are also running an optional event on the 5th June at Warwick before the main conference starts. This aims to bring together mathematicians, statisticians and those who possess or generate datasets and would like to analyse them/answer some open questions. These may include biologists, clinicians etc. in academia and industry. The idea of this meeting is to think about potential solutions to these data-based problems, gathering interest for possible collaborations between individuals across disciplines, institutions and career stages. The day would consist of a range of presentations by the experimental/business partners in the morning, and focus/discussion groups in the afternoon, aiming to start formulating an action plan to tackle the open challenges. Attending day one is free of charge, but it is mandatory to register as there are a limited number of participants allowed.

Practical information

We kindly ask participants to arrange their own transportation and accommodation. On-campus, there are two options for accommodation at the conference centres Scarman and Radcliffe. Alternatively, one could easily stay in Coventry, Kenilworth or Leamington Spa. Further details on how to get to campus are available here.


The conference organisation committee for 2024 is: Enrico Bibbona (Politecnico di Torino); Ioana Bouros (Oxford); Julia Brettschneider (Warwick); Raiha Browning (Warwick); Fergus Cooper (Oxford); Marina Evangelou (Imperial College London); Aden Forrow (Maine); Constandina Koki (Warwick); Ben Lambert (Oxford); Chon Lok Lei (Macau); Massimiliano Tamborrino (Warwick); Tom Thorne (Surrey); Yongchao Huang (Aberdeen).