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Statistics PhD academy takes off

Even before its first full year of operation in 2007-8, the new EPSRC-funded Academy for PhD Training in Statistics (APTS) has signed up more than 20 member institutions, including three from outside the UK.

The APTS initiative is led from Warwick by Professors David Firth and Wilfrid Kendall, with Stephen Connor as programme manager. "The enthusiasm for APTS from our colleagues in other universities is very pleasing indeed," says Professor Kendall. "With such a large fraction of the country's new statistics PhD students involved, APTS will make a real difference to the research landscape."

The APTS programme provides intensive courses for first-year PhD students, covering the core topics needed for research in modern statistical methodology and applications. Funding from EPSRC for the first five years of APTS recognises the need for the UK to maintain its position as a world leader in statistical research, against the background of continuing high demand for the skills of statistics graduates.

27 October 2007