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Postgraduate Student Prizes

Graduating PhD Students

PhD Students

John Copas Prize

Awarded for the best PhD thesis eligible for the Departmental Completion Award in the calendar year subsequent to completion

2022 - Francesca Crucinio

2021 - David Selby

2020 – Dominic Norgilas & Marcin Mider

2019 – Valerio Perrone

2018 – Christiane Gorgen

2017 – Giacomo Zanella

Harrison Award

Awarded in recognition of a Highly Commended Thesis

2022 Virginia Aglietti, Jorge González Cázares & Joe Jerome

2021 Lewis Rendell & Giorgos Vasdekis

2020 Not awarded as the John Copas Prize was shared

2019 Rodrigo Abrunhosa Collazo & Nick Tawn

2018 Panayiota Touloupou, Alex Sing Lam Tse & Elena Hernández-Hernández

MSc Students

Winton Award for Excellence in Statistics

2020/21: Rocco Caprio

2019/20: Patrick Zietkiewicz

2018/19: Adam Howes

2017/18: Corinna Cichy

Outstanding Dissertation (Postgraduate)

Awarded for an outstanding performance in a Masters dissertation

2020/21: Aurimas Klimasauskas & Mihir Tare

2019/20: Theodore Ntounias

2018/19: Pavan Marwaha & Aminul Haque

2017/18: Jianyin Peng

Continuing PhD students

Giving to Warwick

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to the Statistics Department's teaching programme

2017 Elia Bisi, Ella Kaye & Lewis Rendell