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Poster session 5PM to 7PM Monday the 13th

  • Irene Garcia-Fogeda - Within-host modeling to measure dynamics of antibody responses after natural infection or vaccination: A systematic review
  • Raiha Browning - A flexible, random histogram kernel for discrete-time Hawkes processes
  • Adam Howes - Integrated nested Laplace approximations for extended latent Gaussian models, with application to the Naomi HIV model
  • Ian Roberts - Bayesian Inference for the Structured Coalescent
  • David Helekal - Bayesian Inference of Fitness Cost of Antimicrobial Resistance from Genomic Data
  • Joseph Marsh - A Bayesian approach to integrate epidemiological and whole genome sequence data for analysing infectious disease outbreaks
  • Sebastiano Grazzi - PDMP samplers for Bayesian models in epidemics.
  • Joshua Blake - Bayesian combination of longitudinal studies to estimate the duration of SARS-CoV-2 PCR positivity in the general population
  • Giulia Della Croce - A new approach for the estimation of the contagiousness ratio between two viral strains
  • Hannah Bensoussane - Bayesian Individual-level Infectious Disease Modelling
  • Elaine Ferguson - Inferring the impact of recent local rabies cases on human responses to exposed dogs and exploring the consequences for outbreak sizes
  • Cathal Walsh - Statistical Communication with Decision Makers During COVID Response
  • Evandro Konzen - Efficient Bayesian modelling of infectious diseases in wildlife: an application to bovine tuberculosis in badgers
  • Wei Zhang - Bayesian Poisson Regression and Decomposition Model for Learning Mortality Pattern Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Molly Cui - Modelling and Bayesian Sequential Learning of Latent Epidemic Dynamics
  • Wala Areed - Spatial non-parametric Bayesian clustered regression coefficients