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David Firth, software: mexp

This page is now obsolete! This work is now fully incorporated into the collaboratively maintained expm package for R.

Authors: Marina Shapira and David Firth

What is it?

mexp is a package for the R statistical computing envornoment. Package mexp provides a single R function, mexp(A), which computes the exponential of a matrix A.

The package is fully documented internally, in the usual way for R packages.

The source package can be downloaded from here as mexp_0.1-1.tar.gz.

License to use

The mexp software is made available free, under GPL version 2. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY of fitness for any purpose at all.


Thanks to Martin Maechler for some improvements in version 0.1-1 of the package (2007-11-22).

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