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David Firth, software

Current overall Depsy ranking for David Firth as a software author and contributor:
R packages published through CRAN:
  • PlackettLuce: an R package for modelling rankings data. (Too new for Depsy)
  • BradleyTerryScalable: an R package for working with (small or large) pair-comparison network data. (Too new for Depsy)
  • BradleyTerry2: an R package to specify and fit Bradley-Terry models, including models where abilities are related to explanatory variables through a linear predictor.
  • gnm: an R package for specifying and fitting generalized nonlinear models.
  • qvcalc and Kuvee: an R package and an online calculator which compute more useful standard errors for group and factor effects in linear, loglinear, logistic, etc. models, overcoming the usual "reference category" problem.
  • relimp: an R package for inference on the relative importance of effects in statistical models.
Other CRAN packages (as a contributor):
Other software:
  • pdfjam, a shell script that provides a simple interface to some of the functionality of the pdfpages package for pdfLaTeX. Facilities include n-up imposition, page rotation, reflection, trimming, selection of pages, and many more. Part of TeX Live, and available separately also as a stand-alone package for various operating systems. (The pdfjam package is now kindly maintained by Reuben Thomas.)
  • (for Warwick staff only) --- a shell script to help academic departments with processing job applications that have been made through Warwick's online system.
Older software, still available here but no longer maintained:
  • brlr: an R package for bias-reduced logistic regression using penalized maximum likelihood.
  • CGIwithR: an R package which allows R to be used straightforwardly as a CGI scripting language (Unix only)
  • tapiR: tools for accessing and organising UK House of Commons division data in R, and associated datasets.
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