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The Kuvee calculator implements the procedure suggested by Professor D. Firth to calculate quasi variances for categorical variables from a covariance matrix or standard errors with correlation matrix, minimising the average error (see help section on the main page for instructions). For more information on quasi variances, see here.


Kuvee utilizes two additional JavaScript packages rallysf and jsmat for GLM and matrix algebra respectively, which have been modified slightly to suit the purpose. Anyone wishing to use the JavaScript code for the Kuvee calculator for personal use is free to do so; the .js script files and the JavaScript in the webpage can all be downloaded easily from the downloads page described below. If you use the quasi variance code in any way for any purpose I would be grateful if you would mention your source.

Using Kuvee Offline

All calculations are done within the client's browser, and hence the calculator works offline too - go to the Download page if you are interested in using the calculator offline.