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David Firth, software: QV Calculator


Supply your data for the QV Calculator on this form (need instructions? click here):

  1. Information about the model and the effect (i.e., the categorical variable) of interest:
    Number of levels, p say, of the variable (mandatory):
    Name of variable (optional):
    Description of model (optional):
    (The two pieces of optional information here, if supplied, are simply echoed back to the output page. They are not processed or stored in any way.)
  2. How do you wish to supply the variance-covariance information for the variable of interest? Choose one of the following:
    lower triangle of the p by p variance-covariance matrix (including the diagonal)
    p standard errors and the lower triangle of the p by p correlation matrix (excluding the diagonal)
  3. Now type or paste the variance-covariance data in the window below [p*(p+1)/2 numbers in the correct order, separated by white space of any kind]:

  4. Push the "Submit" button to run the QV Calculator on the input supplied above. Output should appear within half a minute or so. You may need to be patient at times when the network is very busy.

QV Calculator

© David Firth, 1998, 2002. This software carries ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY: feel free to use it, but use it at your own risk!