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Speakers & Discussants

Invited Speakers:

Gianluca Baio
Jim Berger
Natalia Bochkina
Michael Evans
Dimitrios Fouskakis
Gonzalo Garcia-Donato
Peter Hoff
Pierre Latouche
Jaeyong Lee
Ryan Martin
Peter Mueller
Richard Nickl
Peter Orbanz
Lucia Paci
Rui Paulo
Stéphanie van der Pas
Nancy Reid
Havard Rue
Erlis Ruli
Aki Vehtari
Stephen Walker
Sara Wade

Invited Discussants:

Isadora Antoniano-Villalobos
Sudipto Banerjee
Martine Baron
Roberto Casarin
Guido Consonni
Anabel Forte
Clara Grazian
Peter Grunwald
Eduardo Gutierrez-Peña
Leo Held
Chris Holmes
Jean Michel Marin
Elias Moreno
Adrian Raftery
Veronika Ročkova
Dan Roy
Dongchu Sun


As traditional, the conference will be preceeded on 28 June by a series of tutorials on different topics related to the theme of the conference and mostly intended for students and newcomers to the field. Speakers include

Marilena Barbieri (U di Roma 3) Model selection
Luis Pericchi (U of Puerto Rico) Resampling Methods for Model Selection
Gareth Roberts (U of Warwick) Recent advances in MCMC methods
Edward George (U of Pennsylvania) BART