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Current Teaching Interests

  • Foundations of Statistical Inference
  • Statistics in Finance and Insurance
  • Generalized Linear Statistical Modelling
  • Statistical Aspects of Chaos
  • Financial Time Series Analysis
  • Statistics and the Scientific Method

Teaching Related Publications

Minitab's time series capabilities and three macro enhancements. Quarterly Newsletter CTI Maths & Stats (1991) 2, 2, 11.

Testing for regression lack of fit without replication: a tutorial around Minitab's XLOF procedures. J. Applied Statistics (1995), 21, 541-548.

A design and analysis workshop as an introduction to statistics. The American Statistician (1996), 50, 156-158.

Interval interpretation for the internal rate of return. Mathematics Today, (2005), 41, 5, 153-156.

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