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Data for Pauli et al., 2016

The 'fMRI-Results Comparisons Library' described in Pauli et. al can be found at:

This dataset contains the exported results from fMRI analyses carried out in AFNI, FSL, and SPM on the OpenfMRI BIDS-compliant ds000011 dataset.

Each of the directories within the dataset includes the output from results analysed using a specific variant available in the respective software package, with the default test results as described in the paper given in the software's "default" directory. Furthermore, each directory also contains a README describing the contrasts used in the analysis, as well as all the necessary scripts and files for users to replicate the analyses exactly as they were carried out here.

We hope this dataset will serve as a useful resource to researchers seeking quick comparisons between different processing options, within and between software packages. At the same time, the dataset and accompanying information in the paper should be useful for novice users, who are seeking examples of basic tests to guide them in their own research.

Citation: Pauli R, Bowring A, Reynolds R, Chen G, Nichols TE and Maumet C (2016) Exploring fMRI Results Space: 31 Variants of an fMRI Analysis in AFNI, FSL, and SPM. Front. Neuroinform. 10:24. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2016.00024