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Neuroimaging Meta Analysis

  • P Samartsidis, S Montagna, TE Nichols and TD Johnson (2017). The coordinate-based meta-analysis of neuroimaging data. In submission.
    Emotion Meta-Analysis Data: EmotionMetaAnalysis.txt
  • Yarkoni, T., Poldrack, R. A., Nichols, T. E., Van Essen, D. C., & Wager, T. D. (2011). Large-scale automated synthesis of human functional neuroimaging data. Nature Methods, 8(8), 665–670. doi:10.1038/nMeth.1635
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  • Nichols, T. E., Palmer, A., & Becker, J. T. (1996). Meta-Analysis of Auditory Verbal Short-Term Memory Using Positron Emission Tomography. 48th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.


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