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GB: A Gradebook for Splus

GB: A Gradebook for Splus


Introduction| Examples| Tips


Getting Started

Document Structure


Getting Started

This documentation is example-oriented. Read through this Introduction and the Simple Examples to get started; read through the Tips once you have played with the GB functions.

Here are the two keys to using GB:

  • First time only, in Splus you must enter
  • source("/afs/")
    in order to compile the GB functions into your .Data.hp directory


    If you don't have access to the SPH network, the two files are here: GdBk.S GdBkUtil.S


    The grades are stored in a Splus data frame with extra attributes. You don't directly access this data frame; it's stored on Andrew, hence the need to klog.

    If there's one other key to GB it's that until you see a message like

    Wrote 'GB.202.A' to '/afs/'.
    you can hit Control-C to abort and no changes will be saved. the top


    About this Document

    Use the links along the top to move around from section to section; Use the links in the left column to move within a page.

    GB was orginally developed at Carnegie Mellon Statistics department, and subsequently modified to be used at the University of Michigan; some of the documentation may make references to aspects of either computing environment. the top



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    Deptment of Statistics
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    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44(0)24 761 51086
    Email: t.e.nichols 'at'
    Blog: NISOx blog

    [Book Cover]

    Handbook of fMRI Data Analysis by Russ Poldrack, Thomas Nichols and Jeanette Mumford