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Hannah Bensoussane

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Warwick CDT for Mathematics and StatisticsLink opens in a new window under the supervision of Dr Simon SpencerLink opens in a new window. Broadly speaking, my research interests are in Bayesian inference applied to epidemiological problems. I am currently working on an infectious disease model that allows us to make inference about underlying parameters that drive epidemics while accounting for the effect of individual-level characteristics.


2013-2017 Mathematics MMath, University of Nottingham

2017/8 Medical Statistics MSc, University of Leicester


2023/24 Term 2: MA4M1 Epidemiology by Example, ST332-12 Medical Statistics

2022/23 Term 2: ST121 Statistical LaboratoryLink opens in a new window

2022/23 Term 1: ST952 An Introduction to Statistical PracticeLink opens in a new window

2021/22 Term 3: ST104 Statistical Laboratory ILink opens in a new window

2020/21 Term 2: ST219 Mathematical Statistics Part BLink opens in a new window

Work Experience

2018-2020 Medical Statistician, Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham