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Giovanni Burro

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I am Giovanni Burro and I am a fourth year PhD student in Statistics at the University of Warwick Bridge Leverhulme Doctoral Student. I am working on individual behaviour of financial investors in the stock market under the joint supervision of Vicky Henderson and Julia Brettschneider, both based in the Department of Statistics and Daniel Read, based in WBS.

Before joining Warwick I got a Bachelor and a Master in Economics from Bocconi University. During my Bachelor I visited for a term the Weinberg College of Arts and Science at Northwestern University. During my two-year Master of Science in Economic and Social Sciences I spent a couple of months working under the supervision of Sonia Petrone on theory and applications of Urn Processes to Randomized Clinical Trials. On top of that, I wrote my dissertation under the joint supervision of Marco Bonetti and Alessandra Cillo testing empirically some Utility Theory Paradigms in an Expermental setting taking into account Healthy subjects and people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorders. That resulted in the work titled Empirical support to theoretical models in decision making under uncertainty: an analysis of neuropsychological data.

CV and JMP:

Giovanni Burro CV (2020/05)


Giovanni Burro


Mathematical Sciences Building 3.14


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