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Francesca Crucinio


I discussed my PhD thesis in August 2021 and I am now a research associate at the University of Warwick (see my new webpage).

I am a fourth year OxWaSp student supervised by Adam Johansen (Warwick) and Arnaud Doucet (Oxford) working on non-standard interacting particle systems for Fredholm integral equations of the first kind.

Before joining OxWaSP, I studied Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

Research Interest

I am interested in computational statistics, particularly sequential Monte Carlo methods and interacting particle systems. My work focuses on developing sequential Monte Carlo algorithms and particle methods for the solution of a particular type of integral equations which find applications in image reconstruction and density deconvolution.

In the past, I worked on algebraic based sampling techniques for discrete distributions and their link with permutations.

Publications & Pre-prints

J. Kuntz, F. R. Crucinio, and A. M. Johansen. Product-form estimators: exploiting independence to scale up Monte Carlo. arXiv pre-print: 2102.11575

Crucinio F.R., Doucet A., Johansen, A.M. A Particle Method for Solving Fredholm Equations of the First Kind. arXiv pre-print: 2009.09974

Fontana R., and Crucinio F. R. Orbit-based conditional tests. A link between permutations and Markov bases. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 205:(23-33), 2020. [.pdf]


Crucinio F. R. Microthesis: A Novel Algorithm for Solving Fredholm Integral Equations, LMS Newsletter (493), 2021. link

Upcoming Talks

  • Monte Carlo methods for Fredholm Integral Equations, ENBIS 2021 Online Spring Meeting: Data Science in Process Industries, 17 May 2021 (online)


My poster Sequential Monte Carlo for Fredholm Equations of the First Kind won the Bronze Award at STEM for Britain 2019 Competition in March 2019 (picture below).


Photos copyright John Deehan Photography Ltd


  • 2020/2021: Secretary of the Warwick SIAM-IMA Student Chapter
  • 2018/2019: Secretary of the Statistics Research Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)
  • December 2017 - July 2018: Organized the Young Statisticians' Meeting (YSM)


Email: F.Crucinio at

Office: MSB 4.14