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Journal articles

  • Costa ML, Achten J, Griffin JM, et al. Locking plate fixation versus intramedullary nail fixation for adult patients with a displaced fracture of the distal tibia: a randomised controlled trial (UK FixDT). Journal of American Medical Association, Nov 2017.
  • Singh SP, Tuomainen H, Warwick J, Griffin JM, et al. Protocol for a Cohort Study of adolescent mental health service users with a nested cluster-randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of managed transition in improving transition from child to mental health services (the MILESTONE study). BMJ Open, Oct 2017.
  • Signorini G, Warwick J, Griffin JM, et al. Architecture, Functioning and Transitional Care Interfaces of Child and Adolescent Menthal Health Services: A European 28 Country Survery. The Lancet Psychiatry, Jun 2017.
  • Potter R, Sheehan B, Cain R, Griffin JM, Jennings P. The impact of the physical environment on depressive symptoms of older residents living in care homes: a mixed methods study. The Gerontologist, May 2017.
  • Griffin DR, Dickenson EJ, Wall PDH, Donovan JL, Foster NE, Hutchinson CE, Parsons N, Petrou S, Realpe A, Achten J, Achana F, Adams A, Costa ML, Griffin JM, Hobson R, Smith J. Protocol for a multicentre, parallel-arm, 12-month, randomised, controlled trial of arthroscopic surgery versus conservative care for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FASHIoN). BMJ Open, Aug 2016.
  • Schoemaker MJ, Jones ME, Wright L, Griffin JM, McFadden E, Ashworth A, Swerdlow AJ. Psychological stress, adverse life events and breast cancer incidence: A cohort investigation in 106,000 women in the united kingdom. Breast Cancer Research, Jul 2016.
  • Jones ME, Schoemaker MJ, Wright L, McFadden E, Griffin JM, Thomas D, Hemming J, Wright K, Ashworth A, Swerdlow AJ. Menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer: what is the true size of the increased risk? British Journal Of Cancer, Jul 2016.
  • Bodicoat DH, Schoemaker MJ, Jones ME, McFadden E, Griffin JM, Ashworth A, Swerdlow AJ. Timing of pubertal stages and breast cancer risk: the Breakthrough Generations Study. Breast Cancer Research Feb 2015, 4;16(1):R18.

Commissioned Reports

  • Ellard DR, Underwood M, Achana F…,Griffin JM, et al.Facet joint injections for people with persistent non-specific low back pain (Facet Injection Study): a feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial. Health Technology Assessment 2017;21(30).
  • Costa ML, Achten J, Hennings S, Boota N, Griffin JM, Petrou S, Maredza M, Dritsaki M, Wood T, Masters J, Pallister I, Lamb SE, Parsons NR.Fixation of Distal Tibia Fractures (UK FixDT): a randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of ‘locking’ plate fixation versus intramedullary nail fixation in the treatment of patients with a displaced fracture of the distal tibia. Health Technology Assessment