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Sherman Ip

I am a PhD student in the OxWaSP CDT program. I am working with Thomas Nichols and Julia Brettschneider, part of the Inside-Out group, on X-ray CT scans with applications to 3D printing.

My main interests are in:

3D Printed Cuboid with significant pixels

(Above) Greyvalues of an x-ray scan of a 3D printed cuboid. In red are significant pixels at the 5σ level.


Sherman is from Maidenhead and studied at University College London. He completed his MSci Physics degree in 2014. During his physics degree, he became interested in statistics and as a result his physics project was on the computational and statistical analysis of 3D imaging of a human chromosome at the London Center for Nanotechnology. Following on, he then completed a MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning degree in 2015, and was awarded the Dean's List for outstanding academic performance. His project was on the multivariate regression view of multi-label classification. In his spare time, Sherman enjoys shooting arrows at the local archery range and competes in tournaments.


Masters Dissertations

  • Ip, S. supervised by Brettschneider, J. and Nichols, T. (2016). Characterisation of CT Noise in Projection and Image Space with Applications to 3D Printing. OxWaSP Mini-Project, University of Warwick. Available Online.
  • Ip, S. supervised by Latuszynski, K. and Aslett, L. (2016). Multicore Adaptive MCMC. OxWaSP Mini-Project, University of Warwick. Available on request.
  • Ip, S. supervised by Xue, J. (2015). A Multivariate Regression View of Multi-Label Classification. MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, University College London. Available Online.
  • Ip, S. supervised by Robinson, I. (2014). Computing and Statistical Data Analysis in 3D Imaging and Analysis of a Human Chromosome. MSci Physics, University College London. Available Online.


I am shooting for University of Warwick Archery Club and in the performance squad.

National Rankings

Gents. Recurve UK

Year Rank WA 1440 WA 720 Total
2017 - 1225 1215 - 619 610 606 4275
2016 101 1147 1123 - 583 570 555 3978
2015 122 1111 1109 - 568 555 548 3891
2014 80 1149 1145 1133 599 560 - 4586
2013 95 1146 1115 1083 577 573 - 4494




OxWaSP - 1st year (Contains reports and presentations for the modules and mini-projects.)

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