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Anna Kuchko


I am a 3rd year PhD in Statistics student at the University of Warwick Maths and Stats Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT)Link opens in a new window.

I am working under the supervision of Dr Sigurd Assing and Dr Nick Tawn on the problems of optimal stopping and reinforcement learning with an unknown gain function.

In my 1st year project I explored how Reservoir Computing (a state-space systems which can be thought of as a type of Recurrent Neural Networks) can be applied to Reinforcement Learning. The project was supervised by Dr Lyudmila GrigoryevaLink opens in a new window and Dr Nick TawnLink opens in a new window.

Research Interests

My research interests include

  • optimal stopping and optimal control
  • (inverse) reinforcement learning
  • deep learning
  • statistical machine learning
  • multivariate statistics, dynamic networks analysis and networks clustering

As a part of my research I’m working on developing Python applications and pipelines which can be found on my GithubLink opens in a new window page.

Professional and Teaching Experience

February 2022 – Present

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Warwick

AY 2023-2024

Term 1: CS225 - Artificial Intelligence; CS910 - Foundations of Data Analytics; ST120 - Introduction to Probability

AY 2022-2023

Term 1: CS910 - Foundations of Data Analytics

Term 2: CS331 - Neural Computing

AY 2021-2022

Term 2,3: ST104 - Statistical Laboratory I

February 2020 – May 2021 Quantitative Risk Management Specialist, VTB Bank
June 2019 – February 2020 Business Analyst, Mercury Development
March 2019 – October 2019 Analyst A2, Strategy Partners Group
June 2019 Accountant Assistant - Work placement, Volgocemmach
April 2018 – June 2018 International Team Internship Program, Amadeus

Other Activities

I'm a co-organiser of the Machine Learning and Optimisation reading group (2022-2023) and the Young Researchers Meeting (2023-2024), as well as an IT Committee Reperesentative (2022-2023).

Email: anna.kuchko (at)

Office: MB3.14

GithubLink opens in a new window

LinkedInLink opens in a new window