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Warwick Statistics Senior Scholarships

Senior Scholarships for students based in the Department of Statistics, for the 4th Year of an Integrated Masters qualification:

This scholarship scheme for our 4th-year students is available to all students who started a Warwick Statistics undergraduate degree course in 2012 or later, and will be available to our 2024 entrants.

The Department will award substantial scholarships to qualifying students on the MMathStat, MMORSE or MSci Data Science degrees who started in 2012 or later. The awards are called Warwick Statistics Senior Scholarships, and will be awarded on the basis of academic merit to students who continue to the 4th year.

The amount of a senior scholarship will vary depending on the academic performance of the student and the availability of funds. It will be at least £1000, and may, for exceptional performances, be up to £4000.

This scheme includes students who have transferred to the 4-year degree from a 3-year course.

In 2024, the formula used for making payments will be £1,000 x min{4, max{1, (third year score - 75)/5}} for those obtaining a third year mark of 75 or higher. This formula may be revised in future academic years.