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Study experience

What students say

"one of the best decisions I have ever made" Enis Nazif, Data Science

"challenging, exciting, rewarding" Margaret Fregene, MathStat

"flexibility to study what most interests you" Georgia Craven, MORSE

"changed my perspective of how things are happening and predicted" Yuanheng Tang, MORSE

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Teaching & learning

The curriculum is diveded up into modules consisting of lectures and assessments, which are often supplement by smaller group teaching such as tutorials, supervisions and computer labs. Homework assignments are often biweekly and the expectation is that students work hard trying to tackle problems covering a range of levels of difficulty. Have a look at:

Problem solving

Tackling mathematical problems is key to learning. No one learns to skate just by sitting in a lecture.

Problem solving sometimes brings up periods of frustration, which are compensated for by moments of euphoria when finally all the dots connect and a beautiful solution is constructed. Many of our students regularly meet in informal study groups.

More information about mathematics at university level on our Study advice page.

What current students say

Georgia Craven

"The best thing about MORSE is the flexibility to study what most interests you, with options in everything from pure mathematics to business and marketing. After the initial year which is mostly foundation knowledge, I was able to choose from a wide range of options in second and third year. This meant that I've enjoyed my studies all the way through as I've been constantly learning about things that are truly of interest to me.

Although the course is challenging, I found that I was always given the support I needed from staff, mentors and fellow students and there is a real sense of community among MORSE students, with many forming study groups and socialising together.

Studying at Warwick has opened many doors in terms of careers and future study, and I have now accepted an offer from London School of Economics to study MSc Financial Mathematics next year."

Georgia Craven, MMORSE

Margaret Fregene

"Challenging, Exciting and Rewarding: Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Warwick is very different to the Mathematics a student becomes accustomed to in their A-Level studies (in the UK), it’s normal in the first few weeks to feel like you’re not clever enough, out of place or that maybe this isn’t the right course for you because of the challenge of understanding new concepts and the overwhelming work load, this is certainly how I felt. However, once you immerse and dedicate yourself into your studies and work hard, you’ll really begin to enjoy the learning experience and become excited by the prospect of selecting the wide range of optional modules the department has to offer.

The vast career opportunities the degree has to offer from Consultancy, Actuary, Investment banking to Statistical Research will make completing all those difficult and time-consuming assignments worth it; constantly reminding myself of the rewarding career I could attain from this degree definitely keeps me motivated." 

Margaret Fregene, MMathStat

Yuanheng Tang

"Studying Morse in Warwick is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I like mathematics, statistics, but I also want to gain some knowledge in economics; I am happy to find that Morse is such a suitable course for me.

The first year maths modules were quite nice. They were very helpful for me to find out if I am truly interested in maths.

Also, Micro and Macro economics contributed a lot to my understanding of the real world economy.

The most enjoyable part for me is the statistics modules. They literally changed my perspective of how things are happening and predicted.

Now I have a clear thought of what I want to learn and work as. Thanks for Warwick MORSE by the Department of Statistics, I feel lucky to be here."

Yuanheng Tang, MORSE

Danny Yen

"Choosing a degree in MORSE was the best decision I could have made. Why? I was initially set on studying Maths at tertiary level, but at Warwick I realised that it required a specific way of thinking that I just lacked. Having instead chosen MORSE I could easily drop those areas and focus on the subjects I was really good at.

It's only in first year that you take all 4 subjects, and it's actually refreshing and keeps boredom away. In case you were wondering, Operational Research consists of learning how to optimise a real-life procedure. It's not too hard and quite rewarding because you can clearly see the usefulness of it.

In the 3rd and 4th years, you will then have enough experience to know where you want to specialise in, and especially what career would be suitable for you."

Danny Yen, MORSE

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