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Who we are

Director: Prof Steven Brown (Physics)

develops advanced solid-state NMR techniques (100 papers; >5000 citations; h-index: 47), and collaborates closely with the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry, including Astra Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Syngenta. He has won £18M of research funding as PI from EPSRC, including £8M (2018) for a new 1.0 GHz magnet for the UoW based EPSRC NRF in High-Field solid-state NMR (Director since 2010). He is Director and PhD Director, respectively, of the Warwick-funded and EPSRC CDTs in Analytical Science.


Dr Mark Barrow (Chemistry) Prof Richard Beanland (Physics) Dr Nikola Chmel (Chemistry)
Prof Joanna Collingwood (Engineering) Prof Giovanni Costantini (Chemistry) Dr Claire Dancer (WMG)
Prof Dave Haddleton (Chemistry) Prof John Hanna (Physics) Dr Alex Jones (Life Sciences)
Prof Józef Lewandoski (Physics) Dr Emma MacPherson (Physics) Prof Mark Newton (Physics)
Prof Pete O'Connor (Chemistry) Dr Corinne Smith (Life Sciences) Dr Simon Spencer (Statistics)
Prof Vas Stavros (Chemistry) Prof Pam Thomas (Physics) Prof Pat Unwin (Chemistry)
Prof Richard Walton (Chemistry)