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David Haddleton

 Professor of Chemistry


Short CV


1980-1983 University of York, B.Sc. (Hons), Second Class Division 1

1983-1986 University of York, D.Phil. "Photochemistry of some metal ethene complexes" (Robin Perutz)

Employment record :

1987 PDRA, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (G A Ozin)

1988-1993 ICI/Zeneca Senior Research Scientist

1988 Secondment to the University of Southern Mississippi, Hatiesburg, MS, USA (A C Griffin)

1993-1996 Lecturer, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

1996-1998 Senior Lecturer, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

1998- Professor of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

2001- 2004 CEO and Founder, Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd

2004- 2012 CTO, Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd

2012 - Non executive director, Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd

Current Research activity:

The Haddleton polymer research group at Warwick currently focuses on controlled polymerisation methodology

with current research including:

  • Polymers for Healthcare and Therapeutics
  • Controlled free radical polymerisation


Approx 250 published papers in refereed journals, 6 refereed reviews, approx 10 granted US and European

patents, 5 patents pending, 2 book chapters and 19 further publications. ISI WoS lists 310 papers with the

remainder being American Chemical Society contributions. H-index = 50, total citations = 7,930.

Detail on recent publications can be found here


  • Macro Group UK Medal 2006,
  • Awarded to a UK-based scientist who has made a significant and substantial
  • contribution to the development of polymer science through his/her scientific achievements and/or services to
  • the UK polymer science community.
  • Chemistry World, "Entrepreneur of the Year"
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Prize. 2005
  • Lord Stafford award for "Best University Spin-off"
  • company (West Midlands RDA regional prize). 2005

Other Highlights:

Graduated >45 PhD students

Chair of Macro Group UK 2006-2010

Scientific Chair of IUPAC World Polymer Congress 2010, Glasgow.

Editor in Chief of "Polymer Chemistry" new high impact RSC Journal.

Editor in Chief "European Polymer Journal" 2002 – 2009"

Current Head of Inorganic and Matrials Section of Chemistry Department, Warwick.

>£4.5 million of VC money raised for Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd.

Chair of two largest polymer chemistry conferences held in the UK, Warwick 2002 and Warwick 2006.