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MBE Induction 2012

My biggest fear this year is:

Being alone

Not getting a distinction

Not being able to manage my time and write excellent assignments

Cannot catch up with lecture

Not accepting or realising what my fears are. Furthermore, the fear that I won't overcome them


Not being able to succeed

Ability to find the most appropriate journals in this research task

Not to get my Masters degree

That I will be overwhelmed by the challenges the modules will bring. That I won't be able to cope with the course work

That I might not be able to cope with the intensity of the course

To fail and let myself down

Not being able to relate this course to what I want to do in the future

Not to take away all the knowledge and experience which is on offer this year

Getting employed after the completion of this course

How will I manage to complete the course in 1 year

Will MBE be a "really" life-changing experience (added value) and will it be recognized by multi-national companies around the world since it is a new course

Not to succeed according to my own goals

How to achieve good time management

Smart time management

Have no holiday

I am fearless but deadlines do scare me a bit

I won't pass all the modules or fail to deliver a good enough dissertation (fear of failure)

Choosing a project

Not getting the most out of the course

Adapt to a different learning style, since I studied a course about science before entering Warwick


I can't graduate from this course

Not passing the exam

Running out of time on assignments

Whether I can complete my dissertation or not