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IDEA Teams


At the start of the programme you will join an IDEA team which is a small group of fellow students who work together in study and exercises throughout each module. The generic name of the team "IDEA" is derived from:

I = Innovation

As leaders you recognize the need for change and continuous improvement so that you can lead others in creating innovations. In this programme you are encouraged to work together to innovate in your own learning approaches.

D = Development

As leaders you encourage and provide resources for your followers' development and your own. In this programme, you are experiencing personal and professional development and your IDEA team is an important resource that is available to you. By helping other team members you experience development of other people and in so doing develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

E = Enthusiasm

As leaders you will display enthusiasm and a positive attitude, especially during challenging times. In this programe you are encouraged to enhance the positive environment that we have created. In so doing you willl enhance your interpersonal relationships and accelerate your learning.

A = Application

Learning is incomplete without the opportunity to apply what has been learned. You will have opportunities to apply what you have learned in group study and in your project. You are encouraged to reflect on your learning and to share it with others through forums, blogs and IDEA team meetings.


As a team you may decide to give your team a name on which you all agree.

You will decide the frequency of meetings and the extent to which you discuss issues, share information for assignments and share programme experiences.

Your study year at Warwick is not all about study. Your IDEA team may provide mutual support to its members throughout the programme on issues other than study.

You may wish to rotate leadership of the team during the module to provide everyone with an informal opportunity for leadership during the programme. At the end of each period of leadership it will be important to review both the team's and the leader's performance during the period, reflection being an important part of the learning process.

At the start of each module you will be assigned to a team. If you wish to transfer to another team you may do so by negotiation between the two teams concerned. The only restriction placed on team member movement is that all teams are to have between 4 and 6 members.