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To qualify for the award of MSc, you have to satisfy the examiners in your study outputs, namely the assignments associated with the modules and the project. Thus, while your assignments provide an opportunity for you to broaden and deepen your learning associated with a particular module, once completed your assignment is examined by the module tutor and the marks are forwarded to the Examination Board.

The assignment for your first module is due towards the end of November and the module tutor will mark it and provide feedback to you by early January. By the time that you receive feedback on your first assignment you will have attended more modules and have submitted assignments for each.

If there is anything fundamentally wrong with your approach to the first assignment, it is likely to be repeated until you get feedback on your first assignment!

Feedforward process

Rather than wait for feedback, why not request feedforward? The MBE tutors strongly recommend that you prepare your work well ahead of the submission date and submit it to the appropriate module tutor for comment and suggestions for improvement. You may wish to do this by submitting an outline of how you intend to answer the question or a full draft assignment or any stage in between. In addition, you may decide to initiate discussion on the subject being studied by posting a message in your blog, but please remember that the work that you submit should be the result of your own learning and not that of someone else!

The MBE tutors have noted that students who use feedforward significantly improve their learning and, incidentally that is usually reflected in higher marks. However, like any process, it important to appreciate that for it to work effectively the inputs must be timely. There is little point in submitting a full draft assignment two working days before submission is due and expecting the tutor to be able to respond. The important point here is that your tutor is one of the resources available to you to help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of a subject. As soon as your assignment is submitted, your tutor becomes an examiner who provides feedback on your progress to date.

Barriers to feedforward

There are two barriers to the feedforward process:

  • Poor time management
  • Unwillingness to show incomplete work

Poor time management

Students who inadequately plan their time may find themselves rushing to meet the submission deadline, leaving no possibility of seeking feedforward. See the Navigation Bar for further material on time management.

Unwillingness to show incomplete work

Your previous educational experience may have given you the perception that university tutors are not very approachable and are therefore best avoided. To show incomplete work in such a situation would be unthinkable. The MBE tutors are committed to the feedforward process and the development of learning through an iterative process of questionning, reading, analysis, writing, and reflection.

However, this is a masters programme in which you have responsibility for your own learning. Therefore, you will not be asked to provide feedforward. It is your choice...

Quality of written work

Please study the guidance provided in the handbook on the quality of your written work.

 Marking scheme

Please make use of the marking scheme that tutors use so that you develop your ability to self-assess your work.