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Student testimonials

The following are extracts from end of course reviews using the words of the students without alteration apart from grammatical corrections:

Great opportunities for team working, case study and very practical module assignments really helps understanding what has been taught in the classes.
Having the freedom to decide on the aspects that interest and develop those in detail was refreshing and added a degree of excitement.  It was certainly challenging.
The ability to choose the topic for seminars was great - this was probably one of the best features.
This year is the milestone of my life. I have not only learned how to study at masters level but also grow up. Friendship, logic capability, the greed for knowledge.
The course has given me a new dimension when looking at things.
Before I took this course, I had never thought to have my own business or be a leader. But now, I want to be a successful business woman in the future. Although I don't know how long it will take, at least I have a clear direction to pursue.
Many skills have been developed, but three most important ones are time management, team working and researching skills.
I have become more able to work with people from different cultures. I have developed skills to encourage team work and have become a more confident leader.  I have become more proactive, and whilst my time management can still be improved, I feel able to encourage others to be proactive too and to generate enthusiasm for a task.  I believe that as a result of this course, I am a more confident person in general - I believe that what I have to say has value and that age is not necessarily a barrier to common sense or logic.
I really have improved as a team player; I do feel confident in researching unknown subjects from ‘zero’ point; my learning skills have improved.

I would recommend this course to my friends due to the control that one has over the direction of their learning and the participative nature of the course.  The ability to choose the seminar topics means that a student is, generally, always doing something that they are interested in and therefore are more likely to get more out of the course as they are more motivated to put more into it.  With MBE, a student has the ability to make the course what they want.
I would recommend this course because you can not only learn knowledge from the course but also the attitude to your study, future or even your life.
I would recommend this course because it has a blend of different ways of learning, course content is good, module tutors are experts..
I have already recommended the course several times. The course offers a unique mixture of management and engineering knowledge concerning business excellence along with an innovative learning approach. This makes it exclusive and attractive.
I would recommend this course because whatever field you are in, your job is related to management and people issues and this course can help you to understand these issues better.  And the special learning process would enhance your learning efficiency and you would develop your interests.