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Undergraduate degree programmes

Outstanding Courses

CAL's uniquely interdisciplinary courses are recognised for excellence in teaching, student experience, and professional outcomes. Choose from three BA courses:

Individualised Learning

Individualised learning

Your learning experience is built on applying cutting-edge research to real-world issues. From the very start of your course, you will engage with the best knowledge, theories, and practices in language, linguistics, culture, and communication. You will use your knowledge to explore, challenge, understand, and address problems and find meaningful solutions.

Recognised Excellence

Recognised excellence

You will work with academic staff who are recognised globally for their expertise in language, linguistics, communication, psychology, education, learning, and culture. They routinely publish scholarship in top journals and books, present at prestigious academic conferences, provide consultancy for multinational business and institutions, and engage with popular issues.

Learning community

Learning Community

CAL draws outstanding students from around the world. You'll learn with your peers and from them. You will also be part of our very active student society, GloCAL. Our students will share their experiences with you.

Successful futures

Successful Futures

Your degree from CAL will show that you have the skills in critical thinking, communication, and analysis that employers demand in an increasingly transnational world. Our 100% in DLHE reflects the relevance of the skills and competences our graduates develop and the competitive advantage our degrees provide.

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