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Autograph is dynamic software was developed with education in mind. It has two modes, basic and advanced making it suitable for working with younger and advanced students. It can be used to teach functions and calculus, coordinate geometry in two and three dimensions, and statistics and probabililty. Data can be transfered from Excel to produce much better graphs and enables features such as lines of best fit and equations to be found.

By selecing 1D statistical & probability graphs may be obtained, 2D allows for graphing, coordinates, transformations and bivariate data while 3D enables graphing, coordinates and transformations.

Pre-prepared files are available from the website. Some of my files have also been uploaded and can accessed via these links.

 Using Autograph with Lines and Shapes

 Using Autograph for graphs

 Using Autograph for graphs 2


Autograph was used in conjunction with the ATM book Thinkers by John Mason and discussed on Teacher's TV. In this clip you can see me working with a group of Y10 students on the theme of functions. The lesson notes area available:

Using Autograph with 'Thinkers' - the algebra

Using Autograph with 'Thinkers' lesson plan

Using Autograph with 'Thinkers' - the task cards