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The academic year runs from August 1st through to July 31st. Towards the end of July there are a number of processes that need to be managed behind the scenes to enable current students to maintain access to their programme and modular resources and to create new modules and programmes for the new academic year. During the rollover period the platforms supporting learning and teaching (in our case Moodle, Talis Aspire, Echo360 and Tabula) identify from the University of Warwick central records system (SITS) the programmes and modules that will run in the new academic year.

Moodle rollover

All CTE secondary modules have a SITS generated Moodle space. In addition we use manually created (or ad hoc) programme level spaces for each phase. In the case of the phase Moodle spaces we generally combine school direct and core cohorts; SITS does not recognise this combination, so the rollover process of these spaces has to be manually administered. The MA programme also sits outside of SITS as the cohort duration is non-standard; hence the rollover of the MA Moodle space also has to be manually administered.

Students studying on the SITS secondary modules will automatically be added to the appropriate Moodle space once their enrolment is complete. All other students will either need to be added manually to their programme's Moodle space or otherwise given a password to add themselves to the appropriate Moodle space (this is the preferred option).

Standard practice for contacting academic leads (Module Tutors in SITS)

The secondary module leaders will receive an email message prior to the scheduled start date of their module. This email reminds them about updating their Moodle space, contains a direct link to the Moodle space and signposts support available. If you do not receive this message you may find that you are not listed as the module leader in SITS. Please email the SITS team on sitshelp at warwick dot ac dot uk to ask them to update your module details. None of our programme leaders will receive this email as our programmes are not recognised by SITS.

What happens to Moodle spaces at the end of an academic year?

Moodle spaces are archived with student enrolments frozen. This allows students to retain access to their Moodle spaces for as long as their University accounts remain active. This is usually for 12 months after they graduate. This also applies to Mahara portfolios.

Talis Aspire reading lists rollover

In preparation for the new academic year, a draft Talis Aspire list will be produced and module leaders must review this on a yearly basis to keep it up to date. Please see the library website to access your reading list(s). Alternatively contact our Subject Librarian C dot Bradford at warwick dot ac dot uk. Please note there are no CTE programme level reading lists available. Only SITS modules (i.e. secondary modules) have reading lists.

What does this mean for module leaders?

Updates for the coming academic year should be made to the draft list(s). Once you are happy with your list(s) you will need to contact the Subject Librarian to ask that they are published - this will also automatically add them (via a block) to your newly rolled over Moodle space.

What will happen to the older lists?

The library archives older lists although they will still be accessible to students where they have the link to the list. Archive lists can be copied and published again if needed.

Echo360 rollover

As Echo360 is now tied so closely to Moodle, the rollover process is very similar. When a SITS Moodle space is rolled over we will be asked whether we want to create a provisional Echo360 recording schedule for the new module; in most cases we will not. Given that all of our lecture capture recordings take place within the programme level spaces (which we manually administer) we will have to notify AV Services that we want new Echo360 folders to be added to these spaces.

Previous recordings are archived and retained for two years, as defined in the Lecture Capture consent form which is part of the Lecture Capture Policy. If recordings are needed for longer than this you should raise a ticket with AV Services.