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Academic Technologies in CTE

Assistive technologies

Assistive technology is a broad field, ranging from the use of very simple technology - your mobile phone or use of email to the very complex - use of voice recognition software or technology that will read information from your computer screen.

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an off-air recording and media archive service. It enables you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days and retrieve programmes from the last seven days from a selected list of recorded channels. There is also an extensive archive that you can search for older recordings. Further University information about BoB is available from this link.

Staff who want to use BoB will need to register using their Warwick email address. To add recordings to your Moodle space simply click the Share button under the player window and add the link marked Embed into your Moodle space as a URL. Students can access links to recordings from their Moodle spaces and from their Reading Lists if they have been set up to do this.

Please note: BoB is not available to anyone outside of the UK under the terms and conditions of the ERA licence. Apparently BoB uses geolocation software to block access from outside of the UK.

Lecture Capture

To record lectures we use the Echo360 system supplied by the University AV Services. If you are a member of staff who wants to record a lecture, you will need to use this link to raise a ticket with AV services to request this. This link gives a list of rooms where this service is currently available. Please note WA0.24 is not currently available for lecture capture.

When requesting a lecture capture please ask AV Services to add it to the General Lecture Capture CTE (21/22) Moodle space.

You will also need to complete a Lecture Capture Consent Form before AV Services will undertake any recording.

If you want to live stream (broadcast simultaneously) a recording - any room with a PC and a projector can broadcast the live stream. You simply need to login to Moodle and locate the Echo360 folder that AV Services have set up for us:

General Lecture Capture CTE (21/22)

Please allow extra time at either end of the session in case the timings vary slightly. Resultant recordings can be topped and tailed to tidy the recordings up if necessary before they are made available to students via Moodle.

General information about Lecture Capture is available here. There is also a Warwick Lecture Capture policy in place which is available here.

Tips for using lecture capture hardware with remote audiences

Please be aware that PowerPoint presentation view (that displays your notes) is not available on teaching room PCs. If you want to use notes, you will need to bring your laptop with you and make your notes available on this device instead.

You will not be able to run a Teams session through your laptop and use the room audio at the same time (currently this is only available in WLT anyway). You need to have Teams running through the Scarlett microphone and the Inogeni video to work correctly. To change these click on Settings>Devices on the control panel on the lectern.

Once you have chosen the correct video feed, there is a slight delay before things are displayed correctly.

Local audiences can use their devices in the room but they should keep their audio muted, otherwise the feedback is very disruptive.


This is the web application that students use to create their Professional Development Portfolio (PDP). It can be used to create and store online content (e.g. files, journals, plans, CVs, media and links etc.). These artefacts as they are known can then be arranged into online pages for others to view via a secret URL. CTE specific support materials for Mahara are available here.


Moodle is the online Learning Management System used at the University of Warwick to supplement face to face teaching. It can be used for sharing programme resources including files, folders, pages, hyperlinks, images and multimedia (video, audio etc.). It can also be used to promote discussion and collaboration (via discussion forums), to collect assignments, quizzes and audits or to gain feedback from students. CTE specific support materials for Moodle are available here.

The aim of your Moodle space is to provide you with all of the information you need to complete your programme. The space is divided into three sections: a left hand navigation menu (1), the main content down the centre of the page (2) and a column containing extra items such as the calendar and important links, that we call blocks (3).

Moodle layout example

To move around the space you will need to use a combination of the navigation menu (1), breadcrumbs (the links displayed in blue below the page title) and tiles/links within the main content section. Please do not use the browser back and forward buttons as you may lose work this way, particularly if you are composing messages to post to a discussion forum.

We have divided the content for each part of the programme into sections which can be found by clicking on the relevant tile (image). The layout of programmes will vary but this is an example of what your programme might look like:

Moodle tiles example

The content such as links to handouts, discussion forums or assignment drop boxes will then be displayed under particular tiles. To access an item in a tile simply click on the appropriate title link. If the item is a resource such as a Word or PDF document your PC will launch the software and open the file. If the item is an activity such as a discussion forum or an assignment, Moodle will take you to that item and you should then just follow the instructions on the screen to use it. In most cases there will be some text explaining what your Teaching Fellow wants you to do and then a 'submit' or 'post' button depending on the activity type.

The rollover process (staff only)

Planet eStream

Offers a way to capture and store video content that can be added to your Moodle space, using Moodle's eStream plugin.

  • Record via the Planet eStream app on a mobile device or computer
  • Upload to your profile for integration into Moodle
  • Edit the video capture directly in eStream

Further support material is available at:


PowerPoint has inbuilt features that enable you to create narrated slides.

  • Create teaching materials using one tool
  • Combine your existing PowerPoint slides with audio narration
  • Use the laser pointer, pen and highlighter to annotate and highlight important information

Further support material is available at:


Tabula is a tool to support the administration of teaching and learning in academic departments. It helps staff to manage student information such as personal profiles, seminar allocation, personal tutor/supervisor allocations and meetings, attendance recording and enables the management of marks and grades.

General information about Tabula is available here.

Talis Aspire

The Aspire Reading List system enables staff to create dynamic reading lists for their students, providing them with direct links to all reading materials. Further information is available here.

You can also add chapters from books and journal articles using the online digitisation process to your Reading List (within the constraints of the CLA agreement).

Students can access their Reading Lists (if staff have made them available) from the Reading List block in their Moodle space or from lists embedded in particular sections of the Moodle space.

Please note:

  1. Staff will need to install the Talis Aspire bookmark into their relevant browser before they can create their lists.
  2. Staff should save their lists in draft form until they are ready to publish them otherwise the library staff will receive lots of email notifications which could result in them ordering the wrong book (particularly if you change your mind whilst creating the lists).
  3. When linking to articles ensure you link to the abstract page rather than the PDF/full version - this will then give students the option to download the most appropriate version for their needs.

Universal Capture: Personal (UCP)

This application allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials on a PC or Mac, provided you are logged into Echo360 via an active internet connection. UCP can record whatever is on your computer screen, including PowerPoint presentations and web pages on a browser, as well as your voice and the video from your webcam.

To install UCP on a managed computer you need to email to request access to it and then install it from the Software Centre.

Please note if you have previously installed Personal Capture (rather than Universal Capture: Personal) you will need to uninstall the old version from the Software Centre and reinstall the new one to update it. Your login details will remain the same.

The Echo360 team ran some introductory training sessions in August 2020. Here are copies for the session recordings for those who could not attend:

Further support material is available here: