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How to make your recording available to students

The easiest way to make your UCP recordings available to students is to create a public link and then add this to your Moodle space.

All of the content you have access to is available on the Echo360 content library page on the All Content tab. Find the recording you want to share. Hover your cursor over the thumbnail image to display the menu button in the bottom right hand corner of the image. Click this menu button and then choose the Share option from the dropdown menu.

Echo360 content library share video menu

The Individual tab appears by default. Click the Links tab at the top of the dialogue box and then click the Add Link button in the middle of the screen.

Echo 360 add share link dialogue box

You should not need to change the default settings for most of the fields that are displayed but do ensure that the Public access slider is enabled (showing in blue rather than greyed out). Use the Copy button to copy the link URL to your clipboard for pasting into your Moodle space. Then click on the Done button to complete the process.

Echo 360 share link screen

To add the URL to a Moodle space simply turn editing on, click on the appropriate Add an activity or resource link and then choose URL(weblink) from the bottom of the list. Paste the copied URL into the External URL field, complete the rest of the fields and then click on either of the Save buttons at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.