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Our Community Values

We hold a set of values and expectations of how we behave as a community, both as individuals and as an institution.

Our Key Principles

We have a commitment within the Department of Economics to embed our key principles into our work and study environment. We aim to foster an environment of respect and inclusion in which all staff perform to the highest standard and students (both new and current) are able to enjoy a world class learning experience. These principles inform our approach to taking appropriate action when our expectations are not met.


Everyone within our community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of any protected characteristic.


We are guided by the principles of integrity, fostering an open and positive environment which is inclusive to all.


We have a personal responsibility to commit to these values and hold ourselves accountable to our words and actions.


Our Community

We continue to build a community for staff and students where differences in culture and identity are celebrated, difference of opinion is welcomed and respected and where prejudices and socially unacceptable behaviours of any kind are never tolerated. Behaviours which are not aligned to the Department's community values can be reported through the University Report and Support scheme. In the short video below, we asked staff and students in the Department of Economics what respect means to them:

Download transcript of the video here (.docx)

Our Expectations

  • We all display professionalism in our conduct at all times.
  • We understand that every role is important and contributes to our success.
  • We create an inclusive working environment for work and study.
  • We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour such as sexual misconduct, verbal, online and social media abuse.
  • We all build a community in which there is a mutual respect and all staff and students can reach their full potential.

"We" means all of us, students and staff alike.

Our principles facilitate an environment where the ability to share ideas and voice opinions is at its’ core. Economics is a place where staff and students operate with mutual respect, with the confidence that equality of opportunity is accessible to all.


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