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Economics Virtual Celebration – Class of 2021

Virtual Celebration Countdown


This year's virtual celebration event will go live on 14th July 2021 at 1pm UK Time.

We will be inviting our Economics Graduates to join us for a social event in Gather Town at 1.30-2.30pm UK Time. An invitation with a link to Gather Town Econ Grad Party 2021 will be sent via email.

Share your graduation moments, stories and photos using the hashtags #WarwickEconGrad & #WarwickGrad

Please note that our virtual celebrations do not replace a graduation ceremony. Please read about graduating in absentia in 2021 with degree certificates issued by post and the University’s plans for graduation ceremonies in 2022.

Virtual Celebration Party Class of 2021

The Department of Economics has set up a Virtual Graduation Party for our graduating students and staff in Gather.Town is a platform that allows participants to see the virtual ‘room’ that they are occupying with the ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your location within that room, just as you would in real life. You can simply walk your on-line self to tables and chairs, sit down, and start a conversation with others.

You are invited to our Virtual Graduation Party to bid farewell to the staff who have supported you over the last 3 years and to reminisce with the many friends that you have made along the way.

Register for Gather.Town

Department of Economics Virtual Graduation – July 2021 Brochure

We are pleased to offer to our graduates an e-book in which we capture the spirit of the virtual celebrations and hope that this will bring lots of good memories of your studies in the Department (2018-2021).

We hope that you will enjoy reading the messages from the Head of Department, Professor Jeremy Smith and as well as Professor Caroline Elliott. You will also find a link to the graduation video and a list of staff of the Department as of July 2021.

Please note that the e-book will be available for download on 14 July 2021.

Download e-book

Congratulations to the Economics Prize Winners Class of 2021

Jingjing Chen, Joseff Evans and Zoltan Aldott

Best Performance for RAE Prize

Stepan Vacha and Niclas Kern

Rohin Modasia Prize

Prabhjot Parmar, David Arnett and Robin Hofler

Examiners' Prize

Alya Alangari

Shiv Nath Prize for Best Performance in EPAIS

Ana David and Kako Higashida

Outstanding Student Contribution Prize

Virtual Yearbook Class of 2021

This Virtual Yearbook records the thoughts and reflections of the 2021 cohort of graduating students from the Department of Economics, the staff who supported them, and their alumni predecessors. Please browse through the photo galleries and the messages here.

View yearbook

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We help to keep our alumni connected with the University and former classmates after graduation.

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Graduate Outcomes Survey

About 15 months after you finish your course you will be invited to respond to the Graduate Outcomes survey. This national survey collects information on the activities and perspectives of graduates. The anonymous results can be invaluable in helping future students consider potential career options, through resources including

To make sure we can get in touch to invite you to complete the survey, please keep your contact details up-to-date by visiting the University’s Student Records Online.

And if you don’t have any plans yet for after graduation, don’t worry. Visit the Careers website for ideas and resources and to talk to an adviser. You can access free careers support for life!