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Name Description Last Editor
Advanced News Ticker
Auto Anchors Andrew Taylor
Chart.js Andrew Taylor
Dotdotdot... It uses an ellipsis to indicate that there is more text than currently visible? It's like using overflow: hidden; But PRO-style! Nivaria Morales Salas
Full Calendar Caroline Proctor
Images Loaded Detect when images have been loaded Andrew Taylor
js-cookie Andrew Taylor
MultiSelect jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget Andrew Taylor
Multi-Select I'm a user-friendlier drop-in replacement for the standard [select] with multiple attribute activated Andrew Taylor
Owl Carousel Owl Carousel version 1.3.3 Nivaria Morales Salas
QuickSearch A jQuery based plug-in for filtering large data sets with user input Andrew Taylor
Selectize Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and Andrew Taylor
Slick Carousel Nivaria Morales Salas
Slider Tabs
Spin jQuery Plugin for Spin.js Andrew Taylor
Stickem Deprecated, use Sticky-Kit Andrew Taylor
Sticky-Kit Andrew Taylor
timeago Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago" or "about 1 day ago").
TinySort TinySort is a small and simple jQuery plugin that will sort any nodetype by it's text- or attribute value Andrew Taylor
uploadifive HTML5 Multiple File Upload jQuery Plugin Script
Viewport Viewport adds couple of extra selectors to jQuery. With these selectors you can check whether element is inside or outside of viewport. Andrew Taylor