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Manage Carroll Round

2007 - Abdulla Humaidan

Returning Misplaced Mail: Underlying Motives and Influential Factors

2007 - Angelica Da Rocha

The impact of Stock Market Liquidity on Economic Growth: an Empirical Analysis

2007 - Erik Eggum

Fitting Martingale with Horseshoes for a Deterministic Walk towards Chaos – A Model of Heterogeneous Expectations among Traders

2008 - Amish Gandhi

Unions, Capital and Productivity

2008 - Simone Nitsch

Transaction Taxes in a Financial Market Model with Technical and Fundamental Traders

2008 - Tadashi Shirai

Intertemporal Substitution in Consumption & Krugman

2010 - Benjamin Morley

Aid, Policies and Long-Run Growth

2011 - Benedict Guttman-Kenney

CoCo Pops: What will be the implications for a bank’s (& the financial system’s) stability of CoCos being triggered? A theoretical model of signalling and bank runs.

2011 - Meryl Ching

Does Public Health Expenditure significantly affect health outcomes. Using the East Asian Crisis to form a Natural Experiment

2011 - Nik Orlov

Trapped in Happiness? A Consideration of Dynamics in Ordinal Subjective Well-Being Functions

2012 - Christopher Roth

Darwin's Happiness Hypothesis: Subjective Well-Being in an Individual Panel from an Evolutionary Perspective

2012 - Samuel Evans

Clearing the cognition: a study of the impact of high-frequency-trading on equity market volatility

2012 - Thomas Preston

The Determinants of Football League Transfer Market Values: An Age of Financial Restraint

2013 - Matthew Bailey

Asset Bubbles and Post-earnings Announcement Drift in an Anchored Sentiment-regime Dependent Natural Expectations (ASDNE) Framework

2015 - Hameem Raees Chowdhury

2015 Winner of the Award for Outstanding Participant

Microcredit vs. Poverty: A comparative study of Joint-Liability Repayment Rates within Microcredit Communities

2015 - Virginia Minni

Can greater bank capital lead to less bank lending? An analysis of the bank-level evidence from Europe

2016 - Mihaly Abel

2016 Winner of the Award for Outstanding Participant

”Pretending to be Green”: The Role of Environmental Status Signalling in the Behaviour-Impact Gap Problem

2017- David Henning, Tim Maecker and Marcel Schlepper

2017 Winner of the Award for Best Participant:
David Henning - ”Exploring conflict in Nigeria: does the rapacity effect dominate across local government areas in Nigeria"

2017 Winner of the Award for Best Paper:
Tim Maecker - "Do language and cultural barriers enable firms to price discriminate between countries in the European Union?"

Marcel Schlepper - "Comrade, have you seen the latest polls? A quantitative analysis of the impact of national election polls on vote defection in the European Parliament"

2019-Diveena Nanthakumaran

Diveena Nanthakumaran - "The effects of social interaction and internet usage on stock market participation: evidence from Europe"

2019-Jonas Knecht

2019 Winner of the Award for Best Participant: David Henning - ”An Analysis of Brexit services trade effects using a Synthetic Control Model"