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Tips from the Professors

Beginning a research project for the first time is no mean feat, which is why some of the Department's Professors have shared their top tips in these short videos.

Thijs van Rens

thijs van rens thumbnail

Thijs is an Associate Professor of Economics, Director of the MRes/PhD programme. His research interests lie in marcoeconomics, business cycles and labour markets.

Andrew Oswald

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Andrew's work lies mainly at the border between economics and behavioural science, and includes the empirical study of human happiness, and is is an ISI Highly-Cited Researcher.

Mirko Draca


Mirko is an Assistant Professor of Economics whose research interests include labour economics and applied microeconomics.

Michael McMahon

mcmahon thumbnail

Michael is an Associate Professor of Economics whose interests include macroeconomics of business cycles, monetary economics, inventories, and applied econometrics.

Sascha Becker


Sascha is the Deputy Head of the Department and Professor of Economics. His research interests include Economic History, Labour Economics, Education Economics and Public Economics.