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Schedule and Lecture Notes

Attending these lectures is recommended but not required. The aim is to help you with the skills required to write a simple but competent dissertation.

The primary focus will be to provide the computational tools to carry out your MSc Dissertation.


Research Methods Syllabus




Auxiliar Files


1.- Wed Jan 18


Dataset managment and Basic Data Analysis. (STATA)



2.- Wed Jan 25


Standard econometrics Linear regression model:
Variation and Identification Issues (with a STATA example)

DO File

Handout+Prog in PDF

3.- Wed Feb 1


Standard econometrics Linear regression model II. Identification Issues and IV solutions (with a STATA example)

DO File

Handout+Prog in PDF

4.- Wed Feb 15


Matrix manipulation, simulations and basic use of functions. (MATLAB)


5.- Friday, Feb 17
(Room ACCR, 4-6pm)

Basic optimization. (MATLAB)


6.- Wed Feb 22

Writing Software: Latex.


7.- Wed Feb 29


Learning to write Economics (by John Nuttall)