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Joint Degrees - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Who would be my main point of contact? 

A: Your home department will be your first point of contact for any administrative queries you may have about your degree. If you have questions regarding Economics modules you can contact Module leaders, personal tutors and class tutors who can give guidance on academic matters or more generally. You can also approach Isleide Zissimos (Director of Joint Degrees) or Ramkumar Govindaswamy (Joint Degrees Coordinator). We ask that you quote your student ID in any communications with the Department.


Q: How do I get in touch with the Economics UG office? 

A: The UG office can be contacted via email or by telephone on 02476 523 933. You can also book an online appointment via our get in touch page. Once you book an online appointment, a member of the UG team will call you back via Microsoft Teams at the relevant time. The UG office is in the Social Sciences Building in room S0.88.


Q: What are the UG office opening hours? 

A: Monday 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 9am – 5pm

Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Thursday 9am – 5pm

Friday 9am – 4pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Q: Where can I find the handbook corresponding to my degree and how can I access it?

A: If you are EPAIS or a 3rd year Mathematics and Economics student please follow this link - Undergraduate Handbook (

If your home department is not Economics, please find your handbook on the tab “current students” on your home department webpage.


Teaching and Learning 

Q: When do Lectures and seminars start?  

A: In term 1, lectures will begin in week 1 and seminars in week 3. The RAE seminars will start in week 2.

In term 2, the seminars for some modules may start earlier in week 1. Please check your timetable carefully.


Q: Where can I sign up for my seminars? 

A: You can sign up for seminars using Tabula. To do this, during the period when seminar sign up is open, on your Tabula page, click on the events tab. The available seminar options and times are displayed, and you will be able choose the ones that work best for you. Your chosen options will automatically appear on your Tabula timetable.

If you need to change any of your chosen options, please go back to the events tab on Tabula, delete the unwanted option and reassign yourself to a new seminar.


For some modules, the administrative system may allocate you to specific seminars (and these will automatically appear on your Tabula timetable). The UG team will advise you if this is the case.


Please note you will not be able sign up for a seminar until you have registered your module choices on eVision. After registering for a module on eVision, it will take 24 hours for the update to appear on Tabula.


Q: What do I do if I have a seminar clash with an EC coded module? 

A: If you have a seminar clash, the Economics UG office team will move you to a different seminar group. Please contact quoting your student ID and the group number you are currently registered for.


Q: How can I access seminar materials and lecture notes? 

A: Class materials and lecture captures can be accessed via moodle. 


Q: How will my attendance be monitored? 
A: Your attendance in seminars is compulsory and will be recorded by tutors.


Q: I am having trouble viewing recorded lectures on moodle, how can I access these?

A: On the module Moodle page, click on the “Lecure Capture” button. The button usually appears either on the top right or on the bottom of the Moodle page.

Note that you will not be able to access the recordings by directly signing in to Echo 360.

Lecture Capture Echo 360

Mitigation and wellbeing 

Q: What do I do if I miss a seminar due to illness/appointment? 

A: If you are unable attend a seminar due to illness or a personal circumstance, you can self-certify by completing the online self-certification form. This ensures that your absence is authorised. If your illness or personal circumstance is ongoing or will last longer than 7 days, please complete a mitigation circumstances form using the “personal circumstances” tab on Tabula and seek advice from your home department.

If you need help catching up the module content you missed, please see your tutor in their advice and feedback hours Note that seminar tutors are not permitted to authorise seminar absences.


Q: How do I contact someone from the wellbeing team? 

A: If you are either an EPAIS or a 3rd year Economics and Mathematics student, please contact

If Economics is not your home department, you should contact your home department pastoral team for support and guidance. The central University wellbeing team can be contacted here.


Q: I am unable to take a test/quiz/exam and would like to request an extension, how can I do this? 

A: Unfortunately, extensions for tests, quizzes or exams are not permitted.

Students should only take a test or exam if they are fit to sit. If you are unwell and not fit to sit, please submit a mitigation circumstances form. The form can be found on the “mitigating circumstances” tab on Tabula. Carefully explain your situation and which assessment(s) you are not able to complete. Please upload any relevant evidence here, such as a doctors’ note. Your home department’s pastoral team will then contact you to help you with your situation.


Q: How can I self-certify for my assessment? 

A: Certain assignments are eligible for self-certification, which allows a 5 working day extension. Only two self-certifications are permitted each academic year, and this is closely monitored. Self-certification for assessments must be made through the Personal Circumstances field in Tabula.

Please note that only some assignments are eligible for self-certification and a list of eligible assignments can be found here. Students cannot self-certify twice for the same assignment, for all other assignments, students will need to submit an extension request using the assessment tab on tabula.


Q: How can I request an extension for an assignment? 

A: If the assignment is not eligible for self-certification, students can request an extension using the assignment tab on Tabula. Once you have submitted an extension request, you may either upload evidence with your request or, if this as of a particularly sensitive nature, you may prefer to submit Personal Circumstances claim on Tabula. If Economics is not your home department, we will approach your home department for their approval.

Please Note: We would not be in receipt of any confidential details of your mitigation. 


Q: I need to get help because I am falling behind in my work for personal reasons, ill health, or academic reasons. What should I do?  

A: Please contact either your personal tutor or approach your departments pastoral team, who will advise you further.


Module Registration 

Q: When do we need to confirm our module choices? 

A: You must submit your choices by Monday of Week 3. During this period, students are allowed to attend lectures for modules they are interested in to help them to decide which modules to take for the term. Once you have submitted your module choices, you will not be able to make any amendments yourself. If there is any issue with your module registration, please contact your home department for help.


Q: Do we need to register for Term 2 modules in Term 1?

A: If you are planning to take Economics modules in term 2, your home department requires that you to list the module in term 1. If you change your mind and no longer want to take the module, you will then be able to make the change in the first 2 weeks of Term 2. However, you cannot do it yourself via eVision and you will need to contact your home department to make the change.


Q: I have recently changed modules, why can’t I see the changes on my moodle dashboard? 

A: Once you change modules, the system takes some time to update your moodle dashboard. While the system hasn’t completed the update, you can still access the moodle page by manually typing the module code into the moodle search engine.


Q: I missed the module pre-registration deadline, what can I do? 

A: The module pre-registration helps us gauge student interest in modules, which is used for timetabling purposes. This is not an official registration.

At the beginning of term 1, you will be asked to register your final module choices on the University-wide eMR (Evision). You must do this irrespective of whether your module choices have changed since pre-registration and irrespective of whether your module is approved.


Q: How do I know if I am allowed to take a certain module? 

A: Before making your modules selection, please make sure that you meet all the module pre and co requisites. More information regarding individual modules requirements can also be found here.

Please check your degree course regulations before finalising your module choices.


Q: Where can I get help with module content?

A: You should contact your module tutor during their Advice and feedback hours.


Q: Will module content be the same as last year? Can we have access to last year’s Moodle pages?

A: Module content is reviewed and updated as necessary every year. Students do not have permission to access content from previous years.


Q: If I'm an EPAIS student, are optional modules from PAIS considered external?

A: As an EPAIS student, your degree is based within the Department of Economics and so PAIS modules are still considered as external options.


Q: How do I declare my EPAIS major?

A: Your module selections when you register will indicate the major you are opting for. The UG office will contact you via email to confirm it.


Research in Applied Economics Module (RAE)

Q: Is it mandatory that I register for the dissertation module (EC331-30)?

A: This depends on the degree you are taking. Please check your degree regulations and select modules accordingly.


Q: How do I choose RAE Tutors that do not clash with my support and feedback classes?

A: If you have are having difficulties to find a time slot for the RAE seminars that does not clash with your other seminars and lectures, please contact the Economics UG office in week 2 and we will try to help.


Q: What is the RAE helpdesk?

A: If you have a technical and software related question on the implementation of the econometric analysis for your RAE project and/or if you need advice on data management, you can

  • If your questions cannot be resolved via the Forum, you can book an appointment with one of the Helpdesk Tutors, whose area(s) are related to your question(s) if possible: Book an appointment

Please read carefully the rules set up on the RAE Helpdesk page before using either the Forum or the Appointment booking system: RAE Helpdesk page

We will notify RAE students when the Help Desk is ready to be used - around Week 4 or 5.



Questionmark Perception Tests (QMP) 

Q: What is the website for the MCQ tests? 

A: The website is 


Q: I am a first-time user using QMP, what do I do?

A: New users how to use QMP, video:

Retrieve the password video:


Q: The QMP exam portal keeps showing invalid login, what should I do? 

A: Please make sure you log in using your student ID beginning with the letter “u” (for example, u21........). If you are still unable to log in, try resetting your password. If this still does not work, please contact the UG team at to have your password reset.

Please ensure you log in with plenty of time before the test to ensure any issues can be resolved beforehand. 


Q: I tried to access the content using my Warwick email address (, however, the server does not recognise my email. How can I log in? 

A: Please do NOT use your email address as your username and instead use your student ID number beginning with the letter “u” (for example u21......) Please use this link below to access QMP and log in using the password you have set: 


Q: After logging on to QMP, I can only see the economics mock test in the scheduled assessments and not any actual exams. The new user video says I should have a link to the exam. Is this right?

A: Yes, this is right. You will only see the exam on the exam date/start time. At the start time, after you logged in you will need to refresh your page., The test should appear on your profile under scheduled assessments.


Q: What should I do if my Internet connection fails, and I cannot log on to QMP in time for my test? 

A: If you are unable to access your test due to internet or computer issues, please take screenshots or video evidence of the issue (including dates and times if possible). You will need to submit mitigation circumstances form via Tabula’s personal circumstances tab and upload any evidence there. Your home department will be responsible to make decision on whether your mitigation is accepted and to advise us of the outcome.


Q: What should I do if I login after 9am? 

A: Unfortunately, you cannot access the test after 9am. You will need to submit a mitigation circumstances form via Tabula’s personal circumstances tab and upload any evidence there. Please make sure your equipment is working properly ahead of the test time. On the day of the test, we recommend that you log in to QMP in plenty of time before the test is due to start, so that any unexpected issues can be resolved beforehand.


Q: What should I do if my QMP crashes halfway through an exam? 

A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to resume the test if you experience technical issues halfway through and/or have unintentionally closed the test tab. You will need to submit a mitigation circumstances form via Tabula’s personal circumstances tab and upload any evidence there. Screenshots or a recording of the incident (showing the date and time of the incident) and can be used as evidence.


Q: What should I do if I accidentally press the wrong button and submit a test. Is it possible for me to retake it?  

A: If this happens within the first 10 minutes of the start of the test, contact the UG team immediately on and they will investigate this for you.


Q: I think one of the questions in my test has been compiled wrongly. What should I do  

A: Please email the UG team with a screenshot of the question, and they will inform the module leader of the issue.


Q: If I am not able to take an Economics test on the scheduled date, can I take it later?

A: If you have missed a QMP exam/test, unfortunately it cannot be rescheduled. You will need to submit a mitigation circumstances form via Tabula’s personal circumstances tab and upload any evidence (e.g., doctor’s note) there. Based on your evidence, the UG team decides whether the test/exam can be condoned. If the test is condoned, this means that its marks weighting will be transferred to the final exam.


Q: What should I do if my extra time is not added? 

A: Please do not start the test if your extra time has not been added. Please email immediately and the team will investigate this for you.


Reasonable adjustments

Q: I had reasonable adjustments during my A-levels. Will these automatically continue into my degree?

A: No, reasonable adjustments do not automatically continue into a student’s degree. Students who would like to request reasonable adjustments are encouraged to meet with a Disability Adviser to discuss which reasonable adjustments may be helpful for them. All adjustments are considered on an individual basis. You must also inform your home department of your reasonable adjustments if you had them in your A-Levels.


Q: I have met with Disability Services, what happens next?

A: Once a student has met with the Disability Team, the adviser will contact the student's home department (with their permission) to put forward any specific adjustments.


Q: What are the deadlines for requesting alternative exam arrangements?

A: For April, May, and summer Examination Period: Usually requests can be made at the end of term 2. The dates will be confirmed by the UG office.

For September resits: Usually at the end of July. The dates will be confirmed by the UG office.


Q: Who can I Contact in the Economics Department?

The Economics UG office 


Tel: +44 (0)2476 523 933


Isleide Zissimos

Economics Joint Degrees Academic Director

Room number: S0.63



Ramkumar Govindaswamy
Joint Degrees Coordinator